Expert Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services by VBS is the most complete and comprehensive advertising solution for business.  VBS has left no stone unturned and takes advantage of all points of Video SEO contact.  Through our exclusive video marketing services, we feed the major search engines with what they are looking for and in return our video advertising drives new customers to your business and retains existing ones.

Benefits of Video Marketing Services

Each advertising video is created for your business; about your business.

Video is the content choice of the future.

Video is more engaging and gives the viewer an interactive experience.

According to Cisco, within 3 years 90% of web traffic will be video.

Videos rank 53% times higher than web pages according to a Forrester Research study.

What You Get With Our Video Marketing Services

Advanced Video SEO (vSEO) – Video Optimization

Each video that we create within your video marketing services campaign is fully optimized including keyword rich titles, descriptions, tags and custom audio.  Our main goal is to expand your customer base and reach while simultaneously building out your brand.  We get you in front of your customers with the keyword phrases they are using to find your business products and services.

Expert Video Syndication

We take the optimized videos that we have created for your business and syndicate them across major video sharing websites including social bookmarking sites, podcast sites, article sites and blogging sites.  Through our video methodology we are saturating the Internet with your videos.  At the completion of a video marketing campaign our partners are handed over a tangible product that will continue to market their business for years to come.

Free Consultation plus Monthly Reports

We are here for you.  We want to make sure that our video marketing campaign is the most successful marketing campaign you have done.  You will be assigned an account manager and video marketing specialist to answer your questions and provide updates on the marketing campaign.

Video Platform Creation

We create partner specific accounts across the major video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites and podcasting sites that your advertising videos are placed on.  As part of our custom video marketing packages we also create custom YouTube channels for our partners.

Exclusive Video Creation

VBS creates videos for our partners on a large scale.  From 12 to 72 and more videos per campaign; each video is custom created and optimized with keyword phrases that our partners customers are using.

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