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Of course, you want to know how much our services cost.  We have yet to meet a business owner that is eager to increase their marketing budgets, and we agree.  We prefer to analyze and demonstrate why a few tweaks and adjustments to your current budget may be all you need to do to incorporate our services, without spending more money.

In addition, the level of search engine saturation, domination and permanency we create with our services we want to ensure that our clients fully understand the benefits of what we provide.  Our level of customer service you will receive is second to none.

We also augment and enhance all other forms of marketing you are currently using such as Radio, TV, Print. We also wish to educate our clients on the negative effect of driving your intended traffic to 3rd party websites to advertise. Our goal is to not have you spend more money, but spend it differently and with a long lasting return. We boast a 100% retention rate of our clients, and we have the results to show you why.  Call to schedule a consultation at 480-200-4222.

Our Powerful Video Marketing Services…

…incorporates many of the latest online strategies for marketing and advertising; keep reading.

Thank you for your interest in a quote for our video marketing services by Video Broadcast Services. We are excited to provide your business with our unique, exclusive and effective video marketing services. Our services will incorporate all the latest techniques and strategies such as SEO, Video SEO and more, saving your business hundreds if not thousands per month. This is where VBS separates from all other marketing and advertising agencies. We know our services are a marketing and customer service experience like nothing you have ever experienced before.

In order to serve you better, we will need to ensure that your industry is available and if you only operate on a local level, we will need to ensure your specific area is not already taken by a competing business. Our exclusivity protects our clients investments in their marketing, and although we do not require a lengthy contract, we prefer to work with clients who desire to partner with VBS for a long lasting relationship.

Our services are in high demand and extremely effective and once we agree to take your business on as a new client we will aggressively execute our video marketing services to obtain as much prime search engine placement as quickly as possible, create professionally branded video thumbnails to ensure a better conversion, and build out multiple media channels for your business, all while gaining a massive edge over your competitors, protect your online reputation, and begin placing the permanent lead generators into syndication.

Our video marketing pricing for a local area businesses requires a minimum investment and one time set up fee,The set up fee covers the build out of all the custom channels for which you will always have access to and will be provided with all the necessary login information.

Our pricing for our video marketing National Accounts will also require a minimum investment with a one time set up fee and because we do not require a long term contract, we need to ensure your business is financially capable. Simply put, our services are in high demand and exclusive to our clients. Once we commence an aggressive marketing campaign we want to ensure we are not investing our time, talent and resources and forfeiting from working with another business in your industry. Our services are not a good fit for a business that has only a marginal marketing budget, or does not understand our business philosophy. We do not subscribe to short term thinking and although our short term results are impressive, long term they are extraordinary and we need to ensure we invest in our clients appropriately.

To maintain the integrity of the services we provide, and to protect our clients monthly investments, you must be in a financial position to meet the minimum, we simply cannot offer any further discount or waive any set up fees and maintain the level of results we provide, all charges incurred from the set up fee will remain your property as well as the channels and all video(s), content, etc; that we provide, any attempt to negotiate our fees will most likely disqualify your business for consideration.

If the terms of our services as outlined fits with your business model, and you are dedicated to a marketing budget, if marketing and advertising is a priority for your business, and if your looking for a long term relationship with the results placed on us (as it should be) then we may just be the right marketing agency for you.

Please fill out the contact information to schedule an appointment, because our time is as valuable as yours, please specify a time you may be reached and please make sure you are available as we do not make multiple calls or emails. Once we obtain the information needed we will provide you with a quote and start date.

Most business owners lack the time, knowledge and desire to create their own marketing and advertising material, or even manage it; not to mention having the time it takes to properly promote their products and services in all the places customers go online. Video Broadcast Services is the solution. Our content video marketing services incorporates all the online strategies and techniques into one powerful video marketing campaign.

Video Broadcast Services takes care of the entire process from scripts to broadcasting and roll in SEO and much more, and you can see the end product! Our search engine optimized content videos about your business will rapidly occupy key search engine placement for your business, not your competitors.

Video Broadcast Services does it all for you! We’ll rapidly create a powerful online marketing presence and give YOU the unfair advantage against your competition.

Marketing Videos Include:

Each optimized video is produced with custom imagery, custom audio and professional voice-overs along with optimized titles, text and tags.  Each video targets a specific keyword phrase and is geo-targeted to get in front of your clients and skyrocket your sales.  We optimize, produce and broadcast your marketing videos across your custom channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Kwego, Dailymotion and others to name a few.

Campaign Set Up Includes:

We create you custom optimized accounts across video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Kwego along with social bookmarking sites and social sharing sites.  These are your accounts that we broadcast your marketing videos to; the end result being organic multiple page one placements on the major search engines and a commanding Internet presence.

Get started with our exclusive video marketing services to see how we can completely revolutionize your online marketing experience. Our exclusivity ensures that we work only for you; not your competition. Apply for our video marketing services before your competition does.

Does one size fit all?

At Video Broadcast Services we believe that the “One size fits all” approach for online video marketing and video advertising simply will not work. Our prices are structured to not only fit your video marketing budget but also allows you to choose the intensity of the video marketing campaign. Many of our clients desire an instant, dominant online presence due to the competitiveness of their industry while others opt for a slower less expensive video marketing roll out.

*Exclusivity: We are pleased to offer video marketing exclusivity to our clients. Our mission is to supply a service exclusive to you, not your competition. While other video marketing companies will work in conjunction with your competition, we only wish to work for you! Our video marketing exclusivity lasts the length of the video marketing campaign. If you wish to extend our exclusivity, then you will need to extend your video marketing campaign.

No Contracts: Simply put, we will work for you as long you wish.